Classic Strategic Advisory

Growth Strategy

Analyzing your markets. Understanding Your customers. Designing Your Growth Strategy. Building on Your own Strengths. Making it happen, with Your People.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Understanding Your new Offering. Analyzing customers and competitors. Developing Your profit-optimizing approach to market. Setting up Your roadmap to market.

Pricing Optimization

Analyzing your situation. Assessing value gaps, price gaps, service cost gaps. Identifying the best levers to improve pricing. Designing appropriate actions. Delivering results.

Profit Optimization

Analyzing your situation. Assessing where you leak profit. Deep diving in critical areas. Identifying levers to improve. Defining actions. Delivering results.

Product Launch

Analyzing customers, competitors, buying process. Developing the profit-optimizing positioning and business case. Setting up your launch-roadmap.

Value Pricing & Selling

Analyzing products economic value in relevant use situations and the competitive situation. Deriving your value price and setting-up a value sales approach.

How to launch a new product?

We analyze the market, define positioning & pricing.
See under Product launch

Selective Support

Managing Your Projects


Interim Management


Success in the New World

Innovation Management

Analyzing your innovation, the market environment and your internal challenges. Defining an appropriate and fast way to realisation. Preparing a successful implementation.


Analyzing the impact on Your value chain. Developing strategic options. Assessing them. Deriving Your strategy for the digitized world. Preparing the implementation.

Big Data

Gathering Your data. Building use cases for different stakeholders. Assessing their value. Build Your Big Data strategy. Preparing its implementation.


Analyzing Your needs. Defining Your Solution requirements. Prototyping a solution. Identifying the right software. Supporting customization and implementation.


Medical Products & Core Provider
  • Hospital equipment and consumables

  • Ambulant equipment and consumables

  • Dialysis equipment & consumables

  • Implants

  • In-hospital and ambulatory care

Financial & Other Services
  • Financial services: Retail and private banking

  • Card- and Payment-processors

  • Information- and Market Research Providers

  • Carrier

  • Cloud-Services

  • Patented Pharmaceuticals

  • Pharmaceuticals going off-patent

  • Hospital generics

  • Generics

Hightech & Communication
  • Mechanical engineering

  • Steel refinement and trade

  • Electronic/optical engineering

  • Network components manufacturer

  • Network operators

How to improve profitability?

Let’s find out where you leak profit today. We’ll pick the right levers to improve.
Select Profit Optimization